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These students were mentored, yet current course is for VIDEOS ONLY

​​ Dream Quest Online Webinar by Vonda Brewer-Enrolling Now!!!!

Dream Quest Online Webinar is a 6 week dream interpretation video course developed and taught by Vonda Brewer. Video Class teachings will be sent out every Monday for 5 weeks with the last

video being a follow up video discussing your test, which will be given on the 6th week at the

end of the Webinar. Enrollment, time a short offer.Video course is only available for 3 months.

Step 1:To Enroll: Purchase Dream Quest Webinar for 200.00 below. ( Jump in)

Step 2: Purchase Dream Quest Book & Dream Quest Dictionary Workbook ( combo deal available)

Step 3:E-mail your Google - GMAIL E-mail address to DreamQuestOnlne@yahoo.com  Once paid              You will  receive a welcome confirmation along with your class syllabus weekly schedule.

Step 4: Your Video teachings will be sent to you each Monday and you have a week to watch at

           your conveince. Then that' weeks video will be replaced on Monday with the following                   teachings on the following Monday. 

Please note once you purchase the course & your books arrive. Your course will begin on the

           following Monday and run for six consecutive weeks with no break nor rescheduling.. 



P.S. If you are a known troll to me or enemy of  this ministry. I reserve the right to refuse  trolls your enrollment and course money money balance of $ 125.00 will be refunded too, which is MINUS $75.00 for processing fees.

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Dream Quest/Spanish

Vonda  Brewer

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Dream Quest Dream Dictionary Workbook​

Dream Quest : Dream Interpretation 8 Easy Steps Book Reviews

God still speaks through dreams today! Dream Quest is a one of a kind dream interpretation guide, providing the user with 8 easy steps to interpreting your own dreams.

Dream Interpretation - 6 WEEK VIDEO TEACHING COURSE

                    "Biblical/ Christian Perspective"​   ​

Welcome To Vonda.tv

This package is a combination of the Dream Quest book and workbook designed to help the dreamer develop a deeper understanding of your personal dream symbols to create you unique dream interpretation dictionary. 


This is the companion workbook to the Dream Quest book which will guide you in applying the 8 steps of dream interpretation and developing your own dream catalog.

Prophetic Voice & Dream Interpreter


Buscando Seunos: Interpretacia de Seunos: 8 pasos sencillos

This is the complete Spanish version of Dream quest. 


​​​​​Dream Quest Book &

Workbook ​