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 Vonda"Ask A Prophet" is an online video recieve minstry from Vonda, Types of Ministry included are

Questions and Answers ( Q & A)

prophetic word,or biblical counseling from Vonda for $ 100.00 to of God News. Please note,  I / we make NO promises that God will speak to you   but out of about 82 people God has only  been silent on 3 people.

One, Dream, Vision, Problem or Concern for Word from the Lord by prophetic means or biblical direction.

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​Please go to Contact page e-mail me. Head shot picture & consent statment with your name in it. email is on "contact me" tab above.

No pictures will be shown on screen. You will be answered in the order God speaks, if He has a Word for you. No promises, but Lord willing God will address your HEART & Give you Hope!

Thank you, Vonda

​​​​​Dream Quest Book &

Workbook ​

This package is a combination of the Dream Quest book and workbook designed to help the dreamer develop a deeper understanding of your personal dream symbols to create you unique dream interpretation dictionary. 


Dream Quest Dream Dictionary Workbook​

1. Dream Interpretation / Help $100.00 Ministry Service: Purchase here   -----> 

2. Vision Interpretation / Help  $ 100.00 Ministry Service: Purchase here  ----->

3.  One Question, concern, problem in need of Biblical counsel & or Prophetic Guidence-  ----->       

 Ministry Service: I will ask the Holy Spirit for Prophecy / Word from the Lord. LorLord concern vi Purchase here ---->


This is the companion workbook to the Dream Quest book which will guide you in applying the 8 steps of dream interpretation and developing your own dream catalog.


Dream Quest/Spanish

​​"Ask A Prophet"

Welcome To

Prophetic Voice & Dream Interpreter


God still speaks through dreams today! Dream Quest is a one of a kind dream interpretation guide, providing the user with 8 easy steps to interpreting your own dreams.

 All donations are final.

 All Sales or Donations are final.

Buscando Seunos: Interpretacia de Seunos: 8 pasos sencillos

This is the complete Spanish version of Dream quest. 

Heart Hope  Private Group Subscription 25.00

Reocurring Monthly Donation Automatic Deduction.

​Heart Hope Commencment Date is TBA  before 2020


Heart Hope "Private Facebook Group"  is a subscription based group for a monthly donation of 25.00 but not limited too $25.00, if you choose to donate more. Once "Heart Hope" Christian Dream Interpretation show is televised  weekly. Subscribers will be able to watch ephisodes veiwable only in through this private support group, due to it possibly note being televised within your area. Also, as the Holy Spirit leads, I will release pre recorded, or LIVE videos spontaniously, of any messages He lays on my heart throughout the month depending on what HE desires to speak through me. Some messages may be encouragment, directional, words of healing, comfort. prophecy or teaching to the subscribers who choose to support the calling God's placed on my life, to relay to Christians or other people at least 18 years of age, gender, race, or religion, who desire to veiw Heart Hope, with the exception of international citizens in whom are forign adversaries of America.  Please note once a foreign adversary, troll, or content leaker is discovered as a subscriber  you will be removed and blocked with no refunds.  Please read store polices before subscribing.

Dream Quest : Dream Interpretation 8 Easy Steps Book Reviews


​Need Help with a Dream ,Vision, Delima  or problem in need of  Q & A or a Word from the Lord from a seasoned Prophet?  Or, Maybe you just need a confirmation or Prophecy?

    I ( Vonda, am taking e-mail's now to help, but, I Can't control when or the way God speaks. You could recieve biblical counsel, dream or vision encouragment, or scriptures.  God chooses the timing when & if he speaks. No time limit is promised. Your E-mails will be read and  anwsered in the order they come unless God delays for some reason. No Cancelations or change of help is permittedYet, If after 3 months God does not speak will refund your money minus pay pal fees.  

​​"Ask A Prophet"