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​​​​​Dream Quest Book &

Workbook ​


God still speaks through dreams today! Dream Quest is a one of a kind dream interpretation guide, providing the user with 8 easy steps to interpreting your own dreams.

Dream Quest/Spanish

​​ Dream Quest Online Webinar by Vonda Brewer-Enrolling Now!!!!

Dream Quest Online Webinar is a 6 week dream interpretation video course developed and taught by Vonda Brewer. Video Class teachings will be sent out every Monday for 5 weeks with the last video being a follow up video discussing your test, which will be given on the 6th week at theend of the Webinar. Enrollment, time a short offer.Video course is only available for 3 months.

Step 1:To Enroll: Purchase Dream Quest Webinar for 200.00 below. ( Jump in)

Step 2: Purchase Dream Quest Book & Dream Quest Dictionary Workbook ( combo deal available)

Step 3:E-mail your Google - GMAIL E-mail address to DreamQuestOnlne@yahoo.com  Once paid  You will  receive a welcome confirmation along with your class syllabus weekly schedule.

Step 4: Your Video teachings will be sent to you each Monday and you have a week to watch at your coveince. Then that' weeks video will be replaced on Monday with the following  teachings on the following Monday. 

Please note once you purchase the course & your books arrive. Your course will begin on the following Monday and run for six consecutive weeks with no break nor rescheduling.. 


Prophetic Voice & Dream Interpreter

Buscando Seunos: Interpretacia de Seunos: 8 pasos sencillos

This is the complete Spanish version of Dream quest. 

Dream Quest Dream Dictionary Workbook​

Dream Interpretation - 6 WEEK VIDEO TEACHING COURSE

                    "Biblical/ Christian Perspective"​   ​

Vonda  Brewer

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Dream Quest : Dream Interpretation 8 Easy Steps Book Reviews

Dream Quest Online Webinar Reviews

This is the companion workbook to the Dream Quest book which will guide you in applying the 8 steps of dream interpretation and developing your own dream catalog.


This package is a combination of the Dream Quest book and workbook designed to help the dreamer develop a deeper understanding of your personal dream symbols to create you unique dream interpretation dictionary. 


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P.S. If you are a known troll to me or enemy of  this ministry. I reserve the right to refuse  trolls your enrollment and course money money balance of $ 125.00 will be refunded too, which is MINUS $75.00 for processing fees.