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  • Do you have a concern and need to talk? ​                                                                                                                 
  • Skype call: $450.00 for one single 30 minute Skype appointment.
  • Purchase then schedule appointment by E-mail..
  • Please note. Most likely, a second appointment is necessary, to share God's
  • revelation​ with you after I've prayed about our intial appointment concerns. 
  • Due to online trolls, Vonda Brewer reserve the right to reject any purchase for Skype calls.                                        All sales are final. No refunds                                                                                                                                                                                          

                                Please note. Usually, the Holy Spirit is very generous in sharing his revelation with me, for those he has called me to serve.  

When we speak, I will listen to your concern.  God may give me revelation to share during our first appointment,

but, if not. after our session is completed. I promise to seek the Holy Spirit on your behalf in my prayer time, but I make no promises that

God will give me revelation for you concerning your situation, nor within the time frame you desire the answer. But, I promise to do my part and ask him.