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  • Skype call: Donate nothing less then 10% (weekly net tithe) then contact me ( friends request) for skype chatt at Godsgirltv@yahoo.com
  •  I will ask God if you gave your Tithe, and if GOD tells me YES that you gave your 10% tithe; then we will schedule your appointment to Skype Chat..​​
  • Due to online trolls, Vonda Brewer reserves the right to reject any request for Skype appointments.
  • All  DONATIONS are final. No refunds                                                                                                                                                                                                                         

            Please note.

Usually, the Holy Spirit is very generous in sharing his revelation with me, for those he has called me to serve.  

            When we speak, I will listen to your concern.  God may give me revelation to share during our first appointment,

but, if not. after our session is completed. I promise to seek the Holy Spirit on your behalf in my prayer time, but I make no promises that

           God will give me revelation for you concerning your situation, nor within the time frame you desire the answer.

But, I promise to do my part and ask him.


    Skype Contact >    Godsgirltv@yahoo.com

       E-mail  >                HeartHopetv@yahoo.com


 Skype option is ONLY available for "Celeberties or Political Figures, for a tithe ( 10%) fee of your weekly net earnings."

Vonda Brewer

     E-mail:  Hearthopetv@yahoo.com



Need Help from "Ask A Prophet" with Vonda?

"ASK A PROPHET" is a ministry VIDEO show, which's now taking E-mailers with questions.

​Step 1Please go to home page and "add to cart" one  of the 3 services below. Please note, the service amount charged is for one dream, one vision or one problem question, hence Q &A. Yes  you may add 1, 2, and 3, to your cart for each purchase if you need each service.

Step 2- Choose Service

Option 1- Dream Interp/Help

Option 2: Vision Interp/ Help

Option 3 "Problem, Delemia, or concern for word of direcion or possible prophecy.

Step 3- Email + Render Payment

After payment is made, please e-mail and read  through it thouroughly before purchase is made.  God Bless you!

*Ask A Prophet is not available for Celebrites nor Politicians-  ONLY Celeberties may use the below" Skype Option"   <3