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Holy Spirit's Political Prophecy and  Corrective Prophetic Words from 2012-2014

                         Heart Hope TV Show With Vonda

                          (Currently not in Production)

     Heart Hope is a regular scheduled prophetic and dream interpretation television show hosted by Vonda Brewer. Heart Hope’s format is to help dreamers understand their dreams with the enlightenment of the Holy Spirit and then use the Word of God to counsel and evangelize the lost. Vonda interprets dreams from a Christian perspective and then brings God’s Word behind the meaning of the dream to bring encouragement, edification, exhortation, biblical guidance, hope, correction, revelation, or deliverance and salvation to the lost. Dream interpretations are revealed through the Holy Spirit and conversation with the dreamer, and not by any psychic (soul realm) means. Dreams are deep in meaning and are not to be given a hasty interpretation. Dream interpretation services are considered ministry and are free, but love offerings can be received if the Lord leads you to support this ministry.