Store Policies​​

 Ask A Prophet - Vonda is a VIDEO response show. No typed responses except for Vonda clairfying your request.. Please read thouroughly the home page writing/ advertisment before purchasing Ask a Prophet service by  "adding cart" option one, option two, or option 3 . Please note average response time is 2 weeks, but if God delays it could be up to 3 months. If, God's not lead a response to my heart for you up until 3 after purchase, your money will be refunded to you minus a 10.00 fee per 100.00 transaction, due to Pay Pal service fees of sending money back & forth.

 ------>Also, NO REFUNDS or CANCELATIONS are permitted after purchase. for buyers remorse nor any reason. Once Vonda reads your e-mail the work  for her has begun.

------> No switching subject matters permitted. The initial dream you sent, Vision, problem, delemia or concern is the issue at hand            that will be ministered too. 

------> Finally, When picking an option, please note it is per ONE, dream, not 2; per one vision or one concern not more than one will be anwsered , unless you choose too add more then one option to your cart. For example, render payment for dream and render payment for problem your concerned about and in need of an anwser. You may pick and pay for 3 sevices at the check out. And add them in your e-mail to Vonda. Please note it is your responsibility to provide your name inseerted into the Consent Statment, head shot returned t on same thead originally e-mailed to  Ask A Prophet with Vonda @ within 3 days of purchase. Once your video is made the link will be e-mailed to your original e-mail for your veiwing leisure.  Please note that Words may apply to your life now or in the future. God speaks what he wants, when he desires and I cannot control what your Word will pertain to although i will seek him on your concern for the reason you wrote to "Ask A Prophet" at the time of purchase. Satisfaction is my goal, but not a promise. God may choose to make you a promise, give you a goal, encourage you in an unknown area, correct you or prophecy something to you that you know not of in the future. I make absolutly NO promises that you will LIKE your word or Biblical direction.I only promise to be honest and reepresent the Holy Spirit as best as I can. As I work for HIM and HIM alone. I pray you feel hope, and blessed when you hear your response. But, whatever it is or is not that God says. To God/ Jesus Be the Glory. I cherish each and every e-mail and I pray i can encourage you and bring your heart the hope that Christ desires you to have. I love you all! God bless you.

​​​​​​Books are copyrighted material, thus All Sales Are Final and no returns or refunds will given.

Dream Quest Webinar Videos link sales are non refundable and all sales are Final.

Dream Quest Webinar Combo & Complete Package books are Non refundable & All sales are final.

Beginning February 15, 2017 ; please note any and all Dream Quest Webinar purchases areNON REFUNDABLE.  Any and all Dream Quest Webinar Online Video Class Sales, and skype coaching sessions sales are final. 

​*As of Aug 11, 2017 Dream Quest Online Webinar is no longer available for purchase. 

All jewelry sales are final but, may be exchanged for a different piece, if the return postmark is within the 6 days of purchase and returned in new condition and not broke. Buyer pays for return and additional re- shipment of 3.50. Any differing amount will be given in store credit, only.

All Jewelry has a 30 day warranty. Within these 30 days, if the product breaks due to the sellers fault then "Simply Glass by Vonda" will pay for return shipping, fix the product and pay for re-shipment to the buyer. 

Glass jewelry is glass and will break, if not handled carefully. Simply glass is not responsible for pendents that break after  being mailed and arriving safely. 


Sea glass style and genuine glass are made to look frothy. If, you prefer a more refined look then put a pin head dab of mineral oil on the glass and rub in .It will shine up an look glossy. If you prefer the frothy look, dab a tiny bit of rubbing alcohol on the glass and wipe it down and the glass will return frothy. Genuine and ( sea glass style) glass will have a ding, chip, crease or some imperfection. They are not PERFECT and usually have an organic shape. If, at all possible the imperfection is placed on pendent, or ring's backside, Yet, this does NOT gaurantee a flawless look. No ring or pendent is PERFECT and the purchaser will not be refunded due to perfect expectations. 

All sea glass rings are adhered with an industrial strength adhesive and are NOT waterproof and should not be worn in water. Slide ring off when washing hands, swimming, or showering ect ect. Seller is not responsible for rings not protected from water.

Refunds  for Jewlrey are only given in the event that sold items to buyer were grossly misrepresented, damaged, or the wrong item was sent to the buyer by the seller. Please note: ****NOT FOR BUYER'S REMORSE****


 SUBSCRIPTIONS RULES- All Donations Are Final.
 Yearly or Monthly Subscription policies: If, you decide to unsubscribe for ANY reason before your monthly commitment to donate for your 1 year subscription ends. No prorated Refunds for the month or Refunds for Yearly subscriptions will be given. Also, please note that your subscription will start as soon as your donation is received and your subscription will END as soon as your monthly donation is cancelled through your Pay Pal automatic re-occuring payments.  Please note it is the purchaser's responsibility to stop automatic / re-occuring payments to cancel Heart Hope tv/ God News Facebook memberships on their Pay Pal account. For example, if you donate starting on a particular day of the month (June 5) your donation is not for the FULL month of 28 or 31 days ( June 31), due to the ministries need to protect Heart Hope TV Videos and their copyrights.  For example, If you donate 25.00 on June 5  to subscribe to Heart Hope Tv's private  Release Group page on Face Book for the month of June and then  unsubscribe on June 24 . Your privileges to Heart Hope TV will end on the same day you canceled your monthly donations  to Pay Pal that were  promised for your monthly commitment to the years subscription. If you neglect or chose not to cancel your membership payments through your Pay Pal account, your membership continues through your automatic re-occuring payments.  All Donations are final.

MONTHLY SUBSCRIBERS-  If you decide to unsubscribe by canceling your monthly Pay Pal commitment to Heart Hope TV'/ God News Secret/Private Face Book, video release page before your Yearly commitment has ended. You will not be allowed back in the Group to SUBSCRIBE again until the whole 300.00 yearly subscription donation fee is paid in full, for the up and coming year. Then you are free to re join the Heart Hope Tv Face Book Private Video Release Page, yet your re-addmission is subject to approval by Vonda Brewer. Please note your membership continues yearly until the purchaser cancels automatic payments on their private Pal Pal account or until the member has been officially removed. Due to a member breaching Heart hope TV/God News secret Facebook  subscription rules of the group page. 

 Please noted. It is the buyers/ donater's personal responsiblity to manage their individual Pay Pal accounts. Heart Hope TV/ God news private Facebook page has NO control over your cancellations. All Donations Are Final.

Rules and grounds for discontinued member's subscriptions. (Last updated 8/2/2017)

1. Heart Hope Tv/ God News Secret Face book page Group : FOR FANS ONLY!

2. Vonda Brewer reserves the right to approve or deny any Facebook subscription donations/ purchases, due to online  haters, slander's trollers.  If a member is approved  to enter the group  and their donation is received, yet later the  member is found out, or discovered to be an online slanderer, hater and, or troller against Vonda Brewer, God News and or Heart Hope Tv video releases. The member displaying online comments of verbal discord, hate, slander and  or trolling will be removed from the group by Heart hope Tv / God news management. And No refunds will be given and re-entry will not be permitted. This group is for FANS only!

3. All group videos are private and for members only. If a member violates my group video privacy policy and copy's private videos and or  distributed to other online venues. The member will be removed from the group and no refundswill be given.

4. If members are caught gossiping  or sowing  comments of discord within the group postings , behind the scenes within  inboxes or other online venues, such as Youtube,Facebook or other websites. This divisive conduct IS grounds for automatic removal by Heart Hope Tv/ God News management. You will be removed from the Group's Secret Facebook Fan Page.

Please conduct yourselves as Christ like and all will be well.